Hello, baby.

There was a lot of baby business going on this weekend. It started with a visit with Erin and Alice.




I'm sorry. I just needed to pause there because OH MY GOD. If Alice isn't the most precious, smooshable, beautiful infant I've ever seen, then I just don't know anything. I may have held her for a nerve-wracking amount of time. Enough time that Erin was probably like, "Ha, ha. OK, Krista. Give her back now. No, really. Give. Her back."

I love babies. I LOVE them. I just want to hold them and kiss them and smoosh them and pet their heads.

Cough. I mean, Yo. What's up, man? I don't need no babies.

But really. I would love to just have a baby so I'd have something to fuss over and hold. And that's exactly how I know I'm not quite ready to have a baby. I think I should just go buy a new purse, or something. Because it hasn't quite sunk in that I'd also have to, you know, raise the child and provide it basics needs with which to survive.

So for now I'll just play with my friends' babies. And I do.

I spent Saturday with Lori and Skylar, who's newly one-year-old. And, oh, can that child whip out a grin. I've never seen a happier baby. Skylar was a bit more interactive than 3-and-a-half-week-old Alice. But that just meant she could actually give me a look like, "Who the hell are you, crazy lady, and where is my mother?" instead of just thinking it.

(FYI: I have a KILLER video of Skylar scooting on her butt down the hallway. She scoots on her butt as opposed to crawling, which she's never done, and it is, by far, the most hilarious thing I've ever seen a baby do. It will be a YouTube classic once I get my computer up and running at home.)

Yesterday I spent a good few hours watching Jon & Kate Plus 8, which I'd never seen before. Holy balls that's a lot of kids. But dammit, they're cute. Except the two older daughters are a little bratty for my liking.

Do you guys watch this? I made the mistake of tweeting (on Twitter) that I thought Jon was an asshole. I was quickly reprimanded and told that, in fact, it's Kate who's a bitch. I think I decided they're both jerks, but I suppose I would be, too, if I had eight kids.

I also think that Kate's voice sounds like Ellen Degeneres. And while I love Ellen, I hate her voice on Kate.

So while the baby fever was rip roarin' this weekend, I was reminded this morning of just one more reason I'm not ready as Harley spent the crack of dawn waking me up with her tom-foolery. I do not appreciate the wake up call. And I'm pretty sure you can't throw stuffed animals at babies in an attempt to shut them up in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, Harley's a cat. She likes it.