Ahem. Hello. I would like to applaud myself for successfully boring you with my rants for one whole year. I think that's the longest I've been committed to anything. And I am not proud of this fact. However, HOORAY blog!

I would like to take a looooong step backward and take a peek at what I was doing one year ago today. This could be frightening.

Drumroll, please...

Well, apparently I was blogging about The Sister. A pal's sister also had a baby that day, which means, happy birthday to Lauren! I'll have you know, I suggested Lauren's Mom buy Lauren THIS, but she thought it a bad idea...

I was in the midst of a completely different relationship. And by "completely different," I mean, "Wait a minute. Did that just happen?" The answer to that question is, Yes. It happened. And it ended. Bless all of our hearts.

One year ago, The Fiance was just a figment of my imagination. OK, not really. But I'd seen him only once in five years at that time. But I DO remember thinking, "Dang. Hot," when I saw him. It'd be another two months and nine days before we made out and our relationship began. (Clearly I begin relationships by making out... ?)

I was living across town with amenities such as internet and cable TV. Also, there weren't many multi-legged creatures crawling on the walls. However, I was living with the same roommate.

I had yet to discover Grey's Anatomy was the best thing to happen to me since Jason Mraz.

I was friends with a psycho. And by "psycho," I actually mean psycho.

Funny that I wasn't running a year ago. But that's because I had just run a marathon the month prior, not because I was a lazy piece of crap.

I was in the midst of applying to grad school at the University of Wisconsin. Clearly I got real far on that. Little did I know that two months later having enrolled in school would've been a huge help later down the line.

So anyway, that's about all I can remember doing one year ago today. Sounds like I was having a real thrilling time. But I DID start this blog one year ago today, and look, it brought us all together. Awww.

OK, enough of that. Go celebrate my bloggiversary. I'll get you another recap in another year