Half marathon training update for those paying close attention (read: Mom).

If you must know, my training is going fantastic.

I ran both Monday and tonight with someone new (we'll call her "Courtney" since, well, her name is Courtney), and it kicked me into gear. She and I ran 7.5 miles Monday evening and EIGHT miles tonight. All of this after an 8-miler on Saturday afternoon with AJ. All of the runs in very decent time at a good pace.

I feel fabulous.

It is so much better to run with someone than it is to run alone, which I've learned during the past three training runs. The miles pass more quickly, and it keeps me going, when sometimes I'd rather jog into oncoming traffic.

Wednesday night I've got Jazzercise (hot) and Thursday morning I'll hit the treadmill for some mileage. Friday I'm running about three miles with Courtney, and Saturday morning is a group training run of nine miles along the half marathon course.

The weather has been beautiful - perfect for running: the sun is setting, it's high-50s. Sigh. Love it. Too bad the rest of the week is supposed to get back into the 30s and 40s. At least we got a taste of spring.

Oh, and also, my new shoes are totally dirty now. Dang.