Half marathon No. 9, not to be confused with Love Potion No. 9.

Holy crap, I ran a half marathon PR yesterday! According to official race results, I ran a 1:47:23. In 2008, I ran a 1:49:28 in Oshkosh. Two minutes and five seconds faster!


Ran the inaugural Wisconsin Half Marathon. And, yes, I kind of pooh-pooh'd the Kenosha location, but the course ended up being beautiful. Mostly along the lakefront, and through the downtown and into historic neighborhoods.

Not too shabby.

I started off feeling a little sluggish, but by mile four, or so, I warmed up, felt good and took off.

Wisconsin is almost embarrassing, however. I saw it all on the course  - women in scrunchies, a man in a suit, people with cheesehead hats, unfortunate spandex. Very unfortunate. A perfect cross section of Wisconsin's finest.

The marathon is truly for anyone, I think. And more power to it. In two weeks, I'm taking on marathon No. 5. Feeling good about it, too.

I was feeling motivated, so I just did an Internet search of all my race results. I shall officially document them here. Feel free to ignore. I, however, shall relish in my prowess.

  • 2004 Devil's Challenge Sprint Triathlon: 1:59:01
  • 2005 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon: 4:48:35
  • 2007 Oshkosh Half Marathon: 1:54:03
  • 2007 Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon: 1:55:35
  • 2007 Madison Half Marathon: 1:56:57
  • 2007 US Cellular Fox Cities Half Marathon: 1:56:49
  • 2007 Nike Women's Marathon: 4:49:40
  • 2008 Oshkosh Half Marathon: 1:49:28
  • 2008 Rockford Literacy Council Half Marathon: 2:05:34
  • 2008 Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon: 2:13:39
  • 2008 Madison Marathon: 4:11:26
  • 2008 Marine Corps Marathon: 4:35:49
  • 2009 Oshkosh Half Marathon: 2:04:19
  • 2009 Wisconsin Half Marathon: 1:47:23