Hal, this one's for you.

I got my shoes. My sweet Asics Gel-Nimbus VII's.

(I love you, Asics. Love you. * blows kiss *)

They are so fabulous I can't even do them justice. So they're pretty much the exact style of shoe I wore while training for and running the marathon in October, only this time - they're purple. Whoa. And new. And clean. And smell like new shoe. And they're going to stay in the box until April 21.

What? Why, Krista, you ask? Because that's what Hal said. Hal Higdon, running guru. OK, actually, he may not have said it. But I read it somewhere. Let's pretend it was Runner's World.

Point is, I need some fresh, sturdy shoes for my May 21 half marathon. But not too fresh. They need some breaking in, which is where April 21 comes in. That gives me a good month to get some wear and tear in them. In the meantime I'm using up the last leg of my current Asics, which I hold quite near and dear to my heart: my sweet marathon shoes. Sigh.

So all of this means I officially began training for the half marathon. Twelve weeks of it to be exact. Sweet Hal posts fantastic training schedules on his website, and they haven't failed me yet. I spent 18 weeks training for the Chicago Marathon, and it was the best 18 weeks I could've had.

So, cheers to you, Hal. This one's on you.