So, it's a beautiful day. Did you notice? I woke up early, excited. Loaded my bike to the rack, grabbed my gear, opened the sunroof, and made the 30-minute commute to meet the group for our 35-miler.

BEST DAY EVER. Look at the sun! It's shining! People are outside! This ride will be amazing!

Until I got to my destination only to realize I left my cycling shoes at home. In the garage. I have a road bike - clipless pedals. Requires special shoes. I can't just ride in the Crocs I had on my socked feet.

(Please forgive me for wearing Crocs. Thank you in advance).


Seriously, you guys, I have never been so angry at myself. I was so looking forward to this ride. To drive home and grab them would've pushed the ride back an hour, and I didn't want to inconvenience the others.

So I drove home. Defeated. No bike ride on a beautiful day.

(Yes. I very well could've gone for a ride on my own at home, but there was a reason I needed to go at 10 a.m. - plans later in the day. So, no time).

I was determined to not let the day go to waste, so when I got home I cleaned up my bike, filled the tires with air, emptied out my trunk and re-organized it. From here on out I'm keeping all my cycling needs - helmet, bike rack, gloves, SHOES, etc. - in my trunk. So I'll have it all at a moment's notice.

Now let's just hope the weather cooperates the rest of the spring so there will be plenty more 35-mile opportunities.


Time to go play. Enjoy the weather.