Guilty pleasure. Or guilty as charged.

I'm just going to come right out and say that 'N Sync began playing on my iPod, and I didn't stop it. It was catchy. Reminiscent of my prepubescent years. I could even bob my head a little, tap my toes.

But that was now TWENTY-FIVE songs ago. And I'm STILL listening to 'N Sync.

Let's talk about a couple things. First, yes, I have over 25 'N Sync songs on my iPod. Why? Because when the prime of boy band popularity was simultaneous with the prime of your own puberty, you have over 25 'N Sync songs.

B) I'm still listening after 25, wait, now 26 songs. And darnit, it's good stuff. My head bobs have turned into twists now, too. Shoulders are going a little, too. Both feet, fingers tapping. If I could stand up and just start shakin' it, I would. And I'd sing, too.



For real.

I appreciate that Justin Timberlake up and did his thing, you know, all good-looking and solo-like. But shoot, those 'N Sync days were some high quality days. Besides, since their demise, Lance came out of the closet, JC got hideous, Joey did his thing on Dancing With The Stars and Chris, well... anyone seen Chris?


I'm telling you, they should've just stuck with the boy band idea. Choreographed dancing, stereotypes, posters. MAGIC!

Besides, how do you not spell success with a song called "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You"? I mean, really.

'N Sync 4-Eva.