Gross and other things.

I'm sitting here staring at my stomach as I'm reclined in a chair, and all I want to do is hammer out some sit-ups. Yuck. I'm going to blame the gluttonous behavior of the last couple days. I absolutely gorged myself at lunch. And I gorged myself full of greasy, awful shit. Yuck.

And now I'm looking at my stomach. And I hate it. And I'm quite glad I don't foresee myself in a swimsuit any time soon.

It's definitely one of those days. Weeks, maybe. Month.

In other news, training is still chugging along in the big, bad insurance world. Except now it's getting complicated. If you ever get in a car accident, and have to call your insurance company to file a claim, be very, very nice. BECAUSE IT IS SO COMPLICATED. My god.

We've formed somewhat of a club in our training class. It's, like, Baby Daddy Dramas vs. Us vs. The One Creepy Bald Guy Who Is Creeping Up on 40 But Thinks He's 17. Oh, and he has total short man syndrome. It's eight kinds of nasty. So those of us without baby daddy's on parole and bald heads flock to each other. We're all, SAVE ME DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH THESE PEOPLE HALP! They're kind of my lifeline. I've grown incredibly dependent on these five people for survival each day.

You'd also be happy to know my marathon training is chugging along, too. Ran 15 miles on Saturday morning. And I LIKED IT. I found a new place to run in town - a nature conservancy. It's AMAZING. I love it. So, yes, I am patting myself on the back.

Finally saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince over the weekend, too. We took dad to the IMAX to see it. It was, by far, my favorite of the movies, I think. A close tie with the fourth movie, maybe, but only because my sweet Cedric Diggory had a role (le sigh, young RPattz...).

Also had a second interview for the job I've been vying for. It went well, I think. Should know more within a week and a half. Please do your best to keep each and every appendage crossed. I don't care if that means you can't pee.