Groceries and MacGyver

For more than two weeks I've been self-sufficient when it comes to meals. I am 30 years old and have only recently begun keeping my kitchen and refrigerator stocked at a proper, grown-up level with healthy, delicious things. It's rare that I have not only multiple options for dinner, but also that the decision is difficult because they're all fantastic. Now it's normal. WHO'S BEEN HIDING ADULTHOOD FROM ME?

I've always been the what's-quick-and-easy? type. Nothing to eat? Go to Taco Bell. No money? Maaaaybe these noodles will be delicious. Because... that's all I have in my cupboard. I seem to have solved all of life's problems by not blowing money on grabbing dinner (and lunch) on-the-go, and actually maintaining a sufficiently stocked refrigerator at home. I've been bringing my lunch to work each day and making nutritious and tasty dinners at home. I eat things like vegetables! And fruit for dessert! I feel better. I have money. I have food. 

Excuse me while I fall all over myself with joy.

In other, not-so-self-sufficient news, Jeff has basically rebuilt my dysfunctional car from scratch. He's handy, that one. A few weeks ago my car wouldn't start. He replaced the starter. For the last month or so my exhaust has been malfunctioning, causing my car to sound like a go-cart. He took it out and installed a new one. Brake light on? Now off. Dirty windshield? Cleaned. Missing bolt on the engine? Soon to be replaced.

HE JUST DOES THESE THINGS. My own Mr. Fix-It. It's like MacGyver at my disposal, just like my dad's always been. Everyone needs a handyman in their life. It's imperative for survival. It's also fantastic.

Along those lines, everyone also  needs someone that genuinely takes care of them. Not in a, "help me, I'm poor and helpless" way, but in a, "I legitimately, and in the most heartfelt way, want the very best for you" kind of way. No one's ever treated my as kindly, respectfully and well in all of my romantic life. This is in no way implying everyone I've ever dated has treated my poorly, not at all. It's just to say that this -- the way this relationship is evolving and growing -- is new.

Last Saturday night, after he'd been up for 24 hours at a bike race, he was finally spent, asleep on my shoulder, snoring like someone who couldn't possibly sleep any harder. I was wide awake, relaxed, and smiling, suddenly feeling very nurturing of this person who'd spent his waking moments caring for me.  I let him sleep while I realized THIS. THIS is what you wait for all this time. It's all very worth it.

That, and a fully-stocked refrigerator.