Well hello there, friends and neighbors. So, I ran a marathon today. And I didn't die. I finished in about 4:30, which isn't the best, but I'm pleased. It was a tough course, and completely freaking crowded. I've never been more annoyed during a race in my life. The course never thinned out, ever. It was just wall-to-wall people, and half of them haven't learned race etiquette.

I don't know how many times some jerk would stop dead cold in the middle of the course to bend over and stretch, or to talk to a passing runner or to be a total ass. If I'd been driving, I'd've totaled my car about 37 times. If I had actually been on a mission, and wanted to run an impressive time, there's no way it could've been done. I spent half the race dodging other runners and walkers and street cones. I spewed many an expletive in those four-and-a-half hours.

Aside from all that nonsense, the race was pretty cool. When I bothered to pay attention, we ran through some scenic areas of D.C. Saw a lot of monuments and people and Marines and hills. The finish line, bless its heart, was at the top of a short, steep hill, which couldn't have been more unwelcome if it were John McCain handing out vials of AIDS.

But, I finished. And got the sweetest medal I've ever seen. The bad boy weighs a ton. I seriously love it, and have vowed to not take it off for the remainder of my trip. I wore it to dinner tonight. I'll probably cuddle with it in my sleep.

I managed the 26.2 miles pretty well today. The first half of the race was actually worse for me than the second. I felt like shit. By mile 11 I wanted to quit. I found some resurgence of energy at the half marathon mark, tanked just a bit around mile 21, and the final four miles were as much of a breeze as miles 23, 24, 25 and 26 could be. I think I fared well, physically, better than any other marathon I've run.

So now I'm sitting on the floor with a laptop in my lap (how appropriate, eh?), and am preparing for a glass of wine. Sweet, sweet wine. And then bedtime. I'm going to crash hard. I'm feeling kind of blah, and my legs are pretty spent. Nevermind that I just ate an entire pizza by myself at dinner. Ho-hum... Plus I've had heartburn for two days now.

Sweet sleep will be blissful...

Tomorrow is a big day of being a tourist. I've got a list in my head of all the things i want to see. The Vietnam Wall, all the memorials and monuments, the White House, the Kennedy graves, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier...


Until then, ta-ta for now.