" ...gray sweatpants, no makeup, so perfect... "

I reconciled my relationship with John Mayer today. I know, huge. We've, uh, kind of been on the outs for a while. I mean, he just up and joined a band, made me go to a concert in which I knew none of the songs, and then made snobby comments about his first album.

These are all huge problems because a) John Mayer, you are John Mayer. There needs to be no trio, b) Me? Know none of John Mayer's songs? Crap, and c) Oh no you didn't diss Room For Squares, buddy. That CD, plain and simple, is the soundtrack to about 2.7 years of my life. You don't just hate on it.

John was my "Jason Mraz" before Jason Mraz actually became my "Jason Mraz." I own all of his CDs. All of them. I forked over multitudes of dollars to pay for imports of the CDs I already owned because, hey, the CD cover is different. I had posters on my walls, concert tickets galore. I even passed out during his concert in Madison. OK, whoa. Back up. It was from locking my knees, not from squealing like a rabid 12-year-old chasing Britney Spears down an alley. I promise.

Point is, he was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. Sweet John Mayer. The song "Comfortable"? I mean, honest-to-God people, that is quality. Sigh. And then we had the whole "Trio" incident. The John Mayer Trio? What? No. I won't stand for it. And then I bought the CD anyway. (Come on, it's John Mayer). But we didn't speak much after that.

Slowly the posters came down. The CDs came out of rotation. And then, well, hello, Jason Mraz found his way into my pants... er, heart. CD PLAYER. CRAP.

So, um, anyway. Moving on... I just found John Mayer on MySpace. And he blogs, much like Jason Mraz blogs on his site. And he is fun-ny... and he posts pictures... and he sings... and your body is a wonderland... and oh my. Goodness, how I missed him.

So we're friends. And the world is still round. And he has a new CD on the way. And, well, hooray.