Good luck?

I'm running my first 8-kilometer race in the morning. I don't really know what that means, exactly. I mean, yes, I get it. But I'm not sure how it's going to turn out.

Eight kilometers is something like four-point-might-as-well-be-five miles. Maybe threeeee more steps would hit the five-mile mark. I truly don't understand this kilometer business, but I'll go with it.

I'll have you know that, yes, I can hammer out a half marathon, no problem. I wouldn't quite call my marathoning attempts "hammering," but I can do them, too. I'm not saying I'm nervous (in the least) for this race tomorrow, but I am saying that I'll probably be horrible at it.

I don't do short and quick. Sure, I can run four-point-whatever-you-say miles, probably with my eyes closed, but what I can't do is run it with the kind of speed that's going to achieve anything worth writing home about to the cats.

The 5K is the bane of my existence. Oh, I hate-it-so-much. It's so... fast. I am not built to be fast. I am built to go long. (I don't think I meant that to sound as sexually explicit as it, apparently, does). I have stamina. Endurance. Not speed.

I don't know my 5K PR (peanut butter, remember?). I've really only participated in three actual 5K races, and all of them were finished during extreme weather conditions (13 below or 89 above) or injury. In my most recent half marathon, I reached the 5K point at something like 24-and-some minutes, so I'd assume something just a touch faster than that.

But anytime I've run a 5K, I've generally wanted to die when it was over. Blech. I suppose I can relate that to the horrendous weather or the imperfect heel, but still. Zero fun.

So, an 8K. I feel this is going to be as close to no fun as the 5K. Same too-fast pace, only for a longer period of time.


Throw on top of that an extra 15 miles of running tomorrow to assure I get in 20 miles for the day (marathon training! Fun!), and I'm positive I'll be spent. Thank God I'll have a couple of dogs and a full wine rack to return to as part of my dog-sitting duties.

I'll keep you posted on this venture. For now, happy Friday.