Good intentions.

Oh, hey. Hi. Fancy meeting you here. Just me, the anti-feminist, derogatory, pro-choice monster. Heeeeeeeeey!

Right now, as we, uh, read, I am supposed to be practicing deep, Yogic breaths and channeling my inner chi. Or something.

I had every intention of making it to Yoga class tonight, at 5:30, yet here I sit, blogging.

Oh well. Priorities. Of which I have none, you should know.

I'm getting antsy for my marathon to be here and over so I can stop stressing about running and mileage and go back to hammering out a 9-miler "just because."

I headed out for six miles this afternoon (to take in as much of the lake as I can before I move), and I spent the whole time staring at my pace, and kicking myself for not running "fast enough." And pouting because it was "only six miles," as if I should be running more if I want to cross the finish line.


I think this time around training got to the point where it became a chore and less of a privilege. I need to be enjoying it and appreciating it. This was just not the summer for marathon training.

However, soon I'll have moved. I'll be settled. I'll be calm and happy. And running can presume as previously scheduled.

Until then, 10 more days...