Good F(riday)or Nothing.

What a perfect spring day. As it should be, being the first day of spring, and all. Cloudless sky, mid-forties. I didn't have to zip my jacket, and I cracked my sunroof open. Hello, perfect day.

I got home from work, earlier than expected, even, and took to the country roads for a run. I didn't even take an iPod. I was that motivated. I returned home eight miles later and felt great. Eight miles. That was unexpected, especially after last night's mediocre seven.

Snow was melted, birds were out, green grass pretended to sprout from the mud. I LOVE SPRING. Sigh.

It's about time.

At least you'd think, anyway. But turns out it's about time for another snowstorm. Tomorrow. On Good Friday.

Good riddance, that's what I say.

It's been so beautiful outside lately! I can run in a single layer of clothes and crack open my bedroom window for fresh air. And tomorrow I'll be back to scraping snow off my windshield.

There's a snow emergency in effect tomorrow, which has the possibility of hindering my weekend road trip plans to Michigan, which is terribly depressing. And completely typical.

Leave it to the ONE day I have real plans to go somewhere - a plan that's been in the works for weeks - for it to dump another pile of snow.

Boo, hiss, Mother Nature. Boo, hiss.