Gives you wings.

So, my sister and I got matching tattoos. It's OK, though, because we're sisters. Like, connected by blood. It won't be awkward when we break up, or divorce, or stop being friends. Won't happen. Family never goes away.

Tattoo man custom designed them for us. So no two people ever will have our tattoos. Just us. Because we're neat.

We chose to each get an angel wing on our foot. Mine on my right, hers on her left. When together, we make a complete angel. Because we're angels. Get it? Duh. Just ask our parents.

Or maybe don't do that...

I kind of love it. We now have this absurd sort of  tattoo connection that just doesn't make sense without the other. Like, my foot is not complete without her foot. My wing not complete without her wing.

She completes me?