Girl Conversation, Part 135,078,543

The following e-mail conversation took place this afternoon, after Erin alerted me to a press release stating winter to be the most dangerous for married couples, seeing as though many of those marriages end in divorce come January.

(Editor's note: The following is relevant to the storyline - Erin is getting married in 9 days. Wesley is the lead singer of Rediscover, her favorite Toledo band).

Krista: Oh. That is really quite unfortunate. You should sign a pre-nup now, probably.

Erin: I already broke up with him. The wedding's still on, though. Wesley agreed.

Krista: Oh, that's RIGHT. Wesley told me that last night. After your wedding, he's taking me to Australia on your honeymoon.

Erin: Whew! I was wondering how I was going to tell him Justin Timberlake was coming over. Thanks!

Krista: Yeah, I turned Justin down. I mean, he's hot and all, but I had to get Patrick Dempsey out of my apartment before Wesley showed up.

Erin: I THOUGHT there was something I was going to tell you! Patrick Dempsey said he hates you.

Krista: I HATE YOU.

Erin: Ooh, dang. Did you hear that Wesley? I think you better stay with me.

Krista: I scoff at you.

Erin: I make out with Wesley.

Today's presentation of Girl Conversation was brought to you, as usual, by Krista and Erin. Stay tuned for regular programming. Read Parts I and II and III here and here and here.