Getting used to this.

So I'm not sure how many full life upheavals I can take before I crack, but I'm pretty sure I'm reaching my limit. For no particular reason, I spent 82 percent of yesterday in tears. Loud tears. Hiccuped tears. Stressed-the-hell-out tears.

But today, I'm refreshed. Ready to go. Just needed to get that out of my system.

I am leaving this city - again. AGAIN. I feel like I just got here. Oh, wait. I DID. Yes, a large part of me is running away from it because I'm a wimp, but the larger part is running toward something.

This city is not big enough right now for both he and I. I saw him once through a window where he works and almost stopped breathing. That cannot be happening. I'm not the bigger person in this scenario. I can't hold my ground. So, adios!

With that said, I'm pumped for this move and the opportunity. It's going to be crazy hectic and exciting and worthwhile. Good things will come from it. Of that I'm sure.

Hell, I'm only 27, right? Real life is just beginning. The rest of this was just appetizers. Awful appetizers. Like, I want my money back. But appetizers nonetheless.

Somebody get me a giant steak.