Getting there.

On Saturday I'm officially moving out of my old apartment. The apartment with the bad juju, in the city with the bad juju. That apartment, and that juju, has been hanging over my head for almost four months. Crap. Have I really been here for almost four months already? Time flies when you're ... living in someone's attic. Four months is a long time to hang onto bad juju. Trust me.

My sister and I are grabbing that bull by the horns, loading all of my crap into a truck and getting the hell out of dodge. And I CAN'T WAIT. I need to let go of that apartment (even though I loved it so much - big sigh) and of that city. Thank god for sisters. I'd be dead without her.

It literally feels like a lifetime ago that I was pissing my pants excited, and unloading my life into that gigantic apartment. It was only six months ago. It seems like I've lived 32 different lives since then. But now I can finally close that chapter, and work on closing the other 31.


I still kind of want to throw up in my mouth when I think of leaving that apartment, but I swear to god, come another six months when I'm settled into a place of my own, full of good juju, I won't remember it anymore.

Thank fucking god.

Until then, hooray for... pictures of Edward and Bella! (See below). And, um, sunshine. And puppies and rainbows!

Hugs and kisses to all. Well, not ALL all, but, you know, mostly all. You know who you are.