Getting down to the end.

I have exactly three episodes left in season three of LOST. THREE EPISODES.


I will not rest until I've watched the final hour of this season. So you can expect me to be up until midnight. And then if I get any sleep whatsoever, I'll be starting season four on tomorrow.

And soon enough, I'll be caught up with the rest of the world. And you know what we can do then? TALK ABOUT IT!

Here are the things I need to discuss:

• Locke's father is "Sawyer." Whoops. That was a bummer for him.

• Jin did, indeed, knock up Sun. Atta boy.

• Desmond is mildly creepy with his delusions.

• Ben is scary.

• Who the hell is Jacob?

• If Ben killed all of his "people," then who are the natives that took over?

• Is Sun really going to die because she's pregnant?

• How was the wreckage of the plane found with all the bodies inside?

• I'm still confused about the Penny thing.

• (OMG, Desmond just told Charlie that he has to die if the rest are going to get saved!)

• (I'm really hungry)

• To be continued.