Gather 'round. Let's talk about music, shall we?

I discovered a new favorite band yesterday, and it was totally by accident. Automatic Loveletter. I tend to pick one song, and obsess over it for a good two or five days, and then move on to something else. This time around it was "Remembering Sunday" by All Time Low. Seriously. Listen to it. So good.


Anyway, moving on. So there is a guest appearance on the song, so with a little Google action, I discovered it's Juliet Simms, who happens to be the lead singer of Automatic Loveletter. One thing led to another, and boom, I'm in love with a new band.

I clearly waste no time.

I would dare compare her to Hayley Williams of paramore, but I won't because they each have their own... thing. That thing is awesome, but I'll keep them separate.

You need to listen to the following: "Unhearted," "Make Up Smeared Eyes" and "Hush."

You're welcome in advance.