Game on, Wayne!

So I'm reporting live from Madison, home to the Mad City Marathon, which, yes, I will be running at approximately 7:10 a.m. tomorrow. Hello.

I've got my favorite boys next to me, Newton and Leonard, and a bag full of schwag from the race expo. Not to mention the $45 of goods I bought at Endurance House last night. Turns out you need a lot of fuel to make it through 26.2 miles.

Gatorade, Thermolytes, Luna Moons, PowerBars... sanity. Only, I couldn't buy that at the store, unfortunately. I'm going to have to dip into my reserves for that one. My supply is a little low.

I'm getting so excited. Not so much to run 26.2 miles, but to finish. I've got a goal, I feel ready, and I plan to not die at any point. That could be a questionable goal, though. My family's coming to cheer me on, my friends are packin' their bags with beer to follow me along - it's going to be good.

There's nothing worse than crossing a finish line and having to pat yourself on the back. So I'm thankful for all of them.

I've been packing myself with water and Gatorade all day, and loaded up on pasta last night. Another round of pasta is on the way in a couple hours, and a nice, relaxing night with Erin, Chief of Stuff and the pups. I plan to sleep with one of 'em, too. A dog, not Erin or CoS. I mean, unless...

I need myself a snuggle bud on the eve of my race. I won't be picky.

So, anyway, tomorrow morning, it's on. I CAN'T WAIT.

Wish me luck. Or not, you know, whatever. While you're all sleeping in, I'll be kicking ass.