Funny like I say these things out loud, and then have to follow through.

I may or may not be having a love affair with my bike. My bike, what did we name her, again? I don't remember. But riding that thing is fabulous.

(Roberta Worthington Schnell, "Bert," I remember).

I took Bert out for 40 miles last night. Forty! And she was so good to me. Perhaps not so good for my ass, which currently feels as though someone pummeled me with a light post, but she was good, nonetheless. I want to ride my bike all the time, which is more than I can say about running, although the two are quite complementary of each other. I look forward to my rides. Running usually only feels good after the fact.

So then I started thinking. I love riding my bike. I can run. People everywhere are training for these amazing things. Marathons. Triathlons... triathlons? I've done one. A sprint distance - quarter-mile swim, 15-mile ride, 5K run. And it was a blast. And I totally didn't have the proper training at the time, but I didn't lose.

In the midst of my brief triathlon glory, I bought Bert. A road bike. I had every intention of riding that thing like the wind. Every day. All the time. Until the following summer, when I took up marathon training. I didn't think to put the two together, so she sat in the garage, unused, for about two years.

But now I'm doing both - riding and running. I've got two marathons in the fall, I can sail through 40 miles easily on the bike and I've got the half marathon down, pat. And so I've decided my 2008 goal will be a half-ironman. One-point-two-mile swim, 56-mile bike and a half-marathon.

I did not say this would be easy. Or fun. But what a sweet goal! And of course I realize I could ride 56 miles, probably tomorrow, and run a half marathon two days later, but putting the two back-to-back is going to be quite a task. Especially following that swim.

I know I'm physically capable of doing all three events separately. Well, at least I know I can swim a mile, which I've done on more than one occasion (and also, it's SO BORING). So the task would be proper training, conditioning and stringing the three together. And how fun is THAT?

Fun. I know.

Of course I say all of this now, and then I'll probably go and die, or something, during marathon No. 1 in September, and it will totally foil all of my plans, but for now we'll just go with it.

Work with me, people.