Freak of nature.

"I'm thinking that's not right, or else you're a biological anomaly that should be studied by legions of people in white coats." It's what XT4 said to me today upon learning of my really, really ridiculously high heart rate. And that is how a man, whom I've only met one time, broke my heart rate.

For those who speak heart rate, here are the training zones calculated from my lactic threshold of 191:

Z1 --> 162 Z2 --> 163-173 Z3 --> 174-182 Z4 --> 183-190 Z5(a) --> 191-194 Z5(b) --> 195-201 Z5(c) --> 202+

What is wrong with this picture is that my zone one heart rate is 162, when 162 is most people's zone three or four.

Why am I a freak? Is my heart going to explode? I do not know these answers, but if you do, please fill me in.