Four million miles later...

I just mapped out my training and race calendar for the spring. I'm at the butt end of week two of this marathon training plan, which has been pleasant so far. Unfortunately that pleasantry ends somewhere around weeks 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 when I'm scheduled for three 20-milers interspersed with 10-milers and 12-milers and oh-my-god-milers.


However, I feel much better now that the plan is laid out before me. I have mileage written on my (super awesome "Twilight") calendar for every day between now and race day, which is apparently May 17.

I'm also throwing a couple half marathons in on April 18 and May 2 for good measure. And free medals and t-shirts. Duh.

Having a schedule gives me motivation, and reasons to gloat and/or pout depending on how each particular weekend's long run turns out. It's mostly pout, FYI. Pout and nap.

And so another training season begins... I'll be seeing you again around, oh, June for round two, fall edition. Never ends.