For BethJ, and our childhood, as requested.

scream1 "Scream" was one of our favorite Michael Jackson videos of all time. I've been watching MTV for hours - they're playing nothing but Michael Jackson videos - and I feel like I'm still 12, glued to the television, dreaming of the day I'd see him in concert. Because I was totally going to.


It's mindblowing to watch these videos and concert performances and see what a badass he was while performing. He could dance like nothing I've ever seen. And sing. Dang, he had a voice. Yet, off the stage, he was a quiet, fragile man.

I'm pretending it's not real until there's a funeral. In the meantime, I'll pretend "died of cardiac arrest" means "kicked so much ass."

Gotta go. "Black or White" is on. And I love this shit...