For being a good girl. Etc.

The Fiance whisked me away for the night on Tuesday. He had, of course, given me proper forewarning, such as, "Just pack, you know, stuff," and "You better keep your eyes closed," so I had hoped that didn't mean he was taking me out back to shoot me.

Tada! I'm still here! So, clearly that wasn't the surprise.

Instead, I met him after work Tuesday, where I was ordered to close my eyes for the duration of the car ride. He suggested a blind-fold, but I thought it may look suspicious to passing vehicles. We compromised with closed eyes.

He allowed me to open my eyes in Wisconsin Dells - our secret destination. Of course I only opened my eyes then so we could argue over what to eat for dinner. Pedro's Mexican Restaurant it was, and we both gorged ourselves with burritos, chips and salsa, and ginormous margaritas, which we chose to race to the finish. That's how I died of brain freeze. Regardless...

On to our actual destination, which meant I had to close my eyes again. He drove, I got dizzy, he led me through parking lots, revolving doors, elevators and into a room behind a locked door. I almost died, like, eight times, by the way. But when I opened my eyes, holy Lord, there was a hotel suite. With a giant bed! With a mosquito net canopy! A peculiar-looking ceiling fan! A balcony! Mini-fridge! And, seriously, is that a jacuzzi?! Yes, yes it was. We had ourselves the jacuzzi suite at the Kalahari Waterpark Resort and Convention Center.

And what was all of this for, you ask? Well, we enjoy dropping mega dollars on lavish Tuesday night getaways. Often. Like, all the time.

I'm kidding.

It was a combination birthday, anniversary and Valentine's Day gift. It was fabulous. We played in the waterpark. I almost died for the eleventeen-hundredth time that evening on a surf simulator. And we took turns soaking in our jacuzzi, fully-clothed, of course, with glasses of water, not champagne. Obviously. And that was that.

So thank you to my lovely The Fiance for a wonderful birthday, anniversary and Valentine's Day celebration. I'm totally taking you to McDonald's for your birthday.


'Twill be special.