Fish in the sea.

"There are plenty of fish in the sea." That's the phrase that makes everyone feel better about a breakup or failed romance or complete lack of luck in the relationship department. I don't need that kind of fish. But if fish are jobs, then yes, I need a new fish. For that matter, I need to be thrown into the sea, where the proverbial fish will nip at my toes and tear the bait right off my damn hook.

I am failing, you guys. I am floundering in my job. Drowning. Struggling. Sucking, hard. It's made me come to the realization that journalism is not for me, at least the newspaper industry. I've been shown the unpleasant side of journalism. The sensationalist side. The bulldog side that I'm not accustomed to. I guess I'm don't mean to say that bulldog journalism is bad, but it's not me. Sensationalism, however, is bad. It's not why I went into the industry.

I know that this job, the one I'm at, is not for me. I'm not cut out, and I'm not meant to do it. The problem with that is the flip side - no job. And I cannot live without a job. I have bills. Lots of them. I have talent to be utilized. I have a life to remain living.

But in this failing economy (thanks, George), jobs are sparse. They don't just land in your lap or jump in front of your car when you're not paying attention. It's hard, and competitive, and quite frankly, I'd do ANY 9 to 5 job at this point, just to free me from the stress of where I am. But where are those jobs?

I am willing to toss my 9 to 5 career out the window, and live out my aspirations in other ways - freelancing, blogging, e-mailing (joking). I don't need to write for 40 hours a week to get what I need out of my life goals, but I do need to pay the bills. I'd actually prefer to save my writing for myself - picking and choosing the articles I want to write, using my creativity when writing, expressing myself in a blog.

But I'm going to have to be someone's secretary or dog-walker to get there. Unless someone knows of a perfect job that's just waiting for me. I have a resume. I will hand it out at will. I am not above being pimped.

Not in the sexual way. Of course.