Fancy meeting you here on my very own Internet.

Oh, so this is what Internet feels like from my very own home. From my very own computer in my very own spare bedroom. Because I have one of those, you know. A spare bedroom. I could probably call it an office, since the only thing in it is my computer and a Jason Mraz poster. But there's also a litter box and food and water dishes, so maybe it's the cat's office.  I almost died a happy death when I plugged my computer into the wall and found the Internet. God sang to me. So here I sit on my blog. With the latest version of iTunes (and the beautiful Genius Button). In my palace. 

This apartment is so sweet, you guys. It's ginormous. With hardwood floors and FOUR (1, 2, 3, 4) skylights. Exposed heating ducts. Pretty furniture. Room for cartwheels and a Christmas tree, which you better believe I erected at 1 a.m. two nights ago. Oh yes. I'm not playin' around when it comes to Christmas.

I'll post some pictures later. 'Til then, it's another day of work. Happy Monday.