Fabulous? Me?


Someone thinks I'm fabulous. I'll just go ahead and agree with her because it's early, I'm hungry, slightly hungover, and I'm not one to turn down a compliment in this condition. So, my dear, thank you.

And on that note, let me go ahead and give fabulous shout outs to some others, because that is how this game works. Go with it.

To Manda, who knows I'm always going to enjoy a blog post with the word "vagina" in it.

For my favorite hypochondriac. And when you stop by to read about homeless men asking her to rub their, well, you know, ask her about her wedding veil.

For Carrie, whose baby, Thomas, is immensely precious. And whose photography is amazing. That, and, she went to college in my hometown, so, cool.

And for the coolest female Badger I know. Because according to my Chinese horoscope, her and I are supposed to be best friends. And I listen to everything the Chinese say.