Extended weekend.

I refuse to bore you with a play-by-play of my entire three-day weekend. Blogs are generally boring enough without a running commentary. "Friday I went here and there, and ate this, and laughed at that, then we went to that place, and I ate more, and spent this much money, and saw that one thing... yawn, bore, blah."

Nobody cares.

You know what's worse? Bullet points.

But what you should care about is the delicious chili cheese dog I ate at Dairy Queen yesterday, and the intense tan (burn?) lines I snagged from too much time in the sun and not enough sun screen, and the fireworks I watched while sprawled in the grass, wrapped in warm clothes and mosquitoes.

Also take note of the fact that I drank 1,200 calories of 100 percent cranberry juice to ward off an impending urinary tract infection.

Weekends make me happy. Hope yours was good, too.