Ever heard of Twilight? No?

So my sister and I did wear matching "Twilight" shirts on Saturday night to see the movie. They read "Team Cullen," as a matter of fact. And yes, we're in our mid- to late-twenties. We don't care. The movie adaptation was not as appealing as the book. Except visually, of course. However, how often are movie adaptations as good as the book? Exactly. So I wasn't worried. I still thought it was good. And I'll watch it again. And again. And buy it when it's released on DVD. And watch it some more. 

And I'm not going to lie, I audibly celebrated when Edward first appeared on screen. In sync with all the 14-year-olds. And I'm sorry, but their kissing scene in Bella's bedroom? Jesus. Never has a movie absent of nudity and sex been so sexually charged. That business was hot. Look, I'm blushing.

The entire movie (and book, for that matter) kind of made me want to be 17 again. And also a vampire, but that's neither here nor there.

I'll admit that some of the visual effects could've been better - the vampire "running," for example - but I can appreciate it was a lower-budget film, so they did what they could. I've read the budgets will be larger for the following movies, which is exciting. 

Speaking of the following movies. Oh my God. I can't wait. 

As for casting, I thought it was done well. Rob Pattinson as Edward, well, duh. That's just a given. It was a superb choice. Bella was good, too. I also really liked Alice and Rosalie. I thought Carlisle's character was a little hokey, and Esme didn't get enough air time, but I'll survive. James - fabulous. Victoria - also fabulous. Jacob needs to cut his hair, bad, and Jessica was actually likable. So, I'm pleased. 

I guess I'd recommend that if you want to see the movie, read the book first. It fills in a lot of the gaps left out in the movie, and I think viewers have a better appreciation for Edward and Bella's mad love. It felt kind of rushed on the big screen. Not that I'm complaining. I could watch them make out all day.

So that's my take. See it. After you read the book.