E is for Estrogen.

Sometimes I need a little girl time.

A time when it is acceptable to talk about menstruation, love handles and which brand of eyeliner is most efficient. And laugh and compare split ends. And plan weddings and say, "Oh my God!" and giggle. I like being female. Most times. And while I will gladly discuss my off-kilter menstruation with The Fiance, and share tampon horror stories, it may not have the same therapeutic effect. And then he'll probably leave me.

So I need ladies.

Which leads me to this weekend, when I get to run the half marathon with my (yes, my) AJ. And we get to spend 13.1 miles chatting about wedding invitations and dogs. And sore feet. And calling each other "hooker" and "MA!" because, well, it's what we do. And I like it. And I like her. Usually. (Just kidding!). Hooray!

And the following weekend, I've been invited to a Girls Weekend. Gasp. Which is sort of a big deal because it's a group of ladies who adopted me after I was adopted by The Fiance. And they are lovely. And it's sort of like sleep-away camp because I'll be gone Friday through Sunday, participating strictly in girls-only activities. I foresee pillow fights and hair-braiding. I'm just saying.

And the next weekend? Oh, I know, it keeps going. The Fiance and I get to travel to Michigan, where AJ and Husband await our arrival. Of course, The Men will be left to their own manly devices while AJ and I spend the weekend in pajamas, painting our fingernails pink, but still! Two AJ's in ONE month. It is magical.

And by May I'll be ready to kick puppies and adjust myself in public, I promise.