Dumpster diving for Democrats.

I have to admit to something. I maybe, sort of, dumpster dived. Dove? Dumpster dove? Regardless. I found something in the trash, and I took it. Not only did I take it, I hung it up. In my window.  So, the local Democratic campaign office is located a few buildings down from my own. So close that we share a dumpster. And by Democratic I mean OBAMA. Of course, after the election ended, they had nothing to do with all of their paraphernalia except toss it. Signs, pamphlets, more signs, more pamphlets. The area dumpster became sort of the mecca for all things Democratic. 

As I was tossing my own trash into the receptacle, I saw it: a perfectly good Obama/Biden vinyl yard sign. Like, untouched. Perfect condition. Just, like, hanging out. All, "Take me!" So, duh, I took it. 

AND NOW IT'S HANGING IN MY WINDOW. In the cat office. It is now my show of patriotism. I am officially supporting the president-elect. Nevermind that I yanked it from the trash.