Drunk blogging.

Oh man, you guys. I've had way too much wine today. Way too much.  Like, right now, as we type, I might be a tad under the influence of red wine. I spent the afternoon with Erin and Alice. Oh my word, did I miss that girl. Something about this weekend just revitalized me. Erin and I were BFF's from the start, as soon as I stalked her on MySpace in 2005. She had just moved to town, we were  co-workers. I was single, she was newly engaged. She loved macaroni and cheese, and I loved "Sex and the City."

We were a match made in poor journalist heaven. 

Now she has a husband and a house and a baby, but she's still Erin. And we spent the afternoon with two bottles of wine. She taught me all about childbirth, and I gave her step-by-step instructions on how to get a pro se divorce (no, she is not getting one). 

These are the days I miss, and these are the reasons I moved back to this town.