Down time.

I started watching "The Sopranos" on DVD the other day. It's one of Rob's all-time favorite shows, and I feel like I need to connect. Take an interest in his interests, you know.  So I'm doing it, and it's no "Sex and the City," I'll tell you that much. But I'm halfway through season one, and I'm still plugging away. It's piqued my interest, but I'm having an impossible time telling one mobster from the other. 

And dey all tawk like 'dis... 

It's funny, really. Funny like I wonder what would happen if I made Rob sit through four seasons of "Grey's Anatomy."

In other news, I went to the gym this morning. Rob gave me a guest pass to the Y, and I was all pumped because it meant I could avoid the winds from hell outside. Instead, I got on the treadmill and felt like hell, so I watched him play a pick-up game of basketball. 

I think I'm coming down with a cold, and that coupled with the onset of paralyzing laziness has really taken its toll on my running efforts. Tomorrow, I tell myself. I'll get back on it tomorrow. 

That was like a week ago. 

Boo, winter.

I'm also reading "New Moon" for the second time. It's the second book in the Twilight saga, for those paying attention. The characters are kind of the extent of my social life as of late. Like, I want to hang out with them.

Oh, I wonder what Bella's up to today? Oh, I know! She's pining after a vampire and hanging out with werewolves! 

Young adult fiction is the best.

And I've just realized the extent of my social life consists of Rob, mythological creatures and a gang of mobsters in Jersey.