Door County, check.

In all of my 29-almost-30 years of life, I've never been to one of Wisconsin's most wondrous, magical places of all time ever in the history of both wonder AND magic -- Door County. My parents have been almost every year for the past several years and because they hate me, they've never brought me along. Heh. Hee. I kiiiiid. But still. Really. Have never been. Had never been, my friends. I put a visit to Door County on my 2011 Bucket List.

A couple weekends ago, I went, and it was so beautiful that if I could just pack it all up and move there right now, I would. (Ponders and realizes there is nothing stopping me right now from doing just that...).

Running bestie Shayla ran her first 50-miler in Door County that weekend, so I arranged me a camping trip at Peninsula State Park to coincide with said race. The park was ridiculously beautiful, the camping was ridiculously cold, the miles ran with Shayla were ridiculously scenic, and I can't wait to go back during the summer to see it all in action when the weather is warm.

To commemorate, here are some photos. The end.