Do You Hear What I Hear?

No? You don't hear what I hear? Because you should. It's the local radio station playing "All Christmas, All the Time." Oh, I said it. And I'm listening to it. Until Christmas. And I bet until at least New Year's Eve. OH MY GOD CHRISTMAS EXPLOSION, THIS NEEDS TO BE IN ALL CAPS, JOY AND JOYNESS, I LOVE SANTA.


This is, hands down, my favorite time of year. Ever. In the whole world. Soon you're going to want to punch me in the face (I mean, if you don't already) (in which case, fuck you) (hee hee, just kidding) (no really, eat shit), but I don't care because IT'S CHRISTMAS SEASON. It's happy and there are Christmas lights and Christmas music and Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments and Christmas stockings and snow and sledding and candy canes and sugar and MAGIC.

Yeah, OK, whatever, I watch too much "Elf." But speaking of "Elf," it's now acceptable to watch that movie and not be judged because, "Jesus Christ, Krista, it's June."

Do you see how awesome this is?

I've flipped my office radio over to the Christmas station. Soon I'll put up a small tree in my office, too. Even sooner I'll put up a tree at home, just in time for the cats to knock all the ornaments off and/or poop under it. But you know what? I won't care because IT'S CHRISTMAS POOP.

OK. That's enough. Merry November 17th.