Do they hire cats, too?

As I sit here on my couch, blogging, wearing sweatpants, stealing snuggles from Chicken, who is unreasonably adorable this afternoon, I've come to the realization that I've totally forgotten how to be employed. I mean, sure, I can do a job. Work I'm good at. But, what do you mean, I have to wake up in the morning? I have to shower? Wear decent clothing? I can't spend all day, every day, so help me god, with my cats? I DO NOT COMPREHEND THIS LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK.

I've adjusted into this awful life of lethargy and monotony. I've forgotten what it's like to do anything else.

I had interview No. 2 this afternoon for the aforementioned Job I Really Want. I thought it went fantastic. It felt fantastic. (Was it fantastic?) About as fantastic as sitting in a room with 10 people, all of whom are deciding your fate, can be. But they're a fun group. It felt comfortable and casual and we talked about Dexter, you guys. DEXTER. And Glee! And cats. And running. And also, you know, the job, but also all those other things that are so up my alley. I shook hands, I got a tour, I've been told I should hear the outcome this week.


All two days that are left of it!

Last night I slept with my St. Anthony prayer card under my pillow. YES I DID. I like to say I slept with a Saint last night. Boy, there's not much I wouldn't do for a job, is there? I also had teeny little unicorn in my pocket again during the interview.  I've officially done all I can do, and it is out of my nervous little, thumb-twiddling hands.

So now I wait. And wonder what, exactly, I'll do if offered a job and am granted access to the working world once again. I guess I'll put on real pants, that's for sure. I can say for certain that I won't miss this. The monotony and the lethargy and the empty bank account. But if I can be honest for a second (NEVER), I will totally miss my cats. Think I can bring them along?