Deciding a life of crime is not for me.

I gave it up to the iTunes music store yesterday. I held out for so long, hoping to remain pure for a bit longer. I'd rather buy CDs from the store, I told myself. And if that wasn't going to happen, I'd steal the music from the Internet, a la LimeWire, or some equally illegal medium.

I was OK with that life, I was. Is stealing music criminal? Maybe. But I'm hardcore like that.


But I just couldn't control myself yesterday. I logged onto the music store, and it was a candy land of music. SO MUCH MUSIC, I LOVE MUSIC, OH MY GOD. It was even tailored to my tastes.

"You own this album, so try this one," it said to me.

OK! Don't have to tell me twice!

The free single of the week (free! free!) was even We The Kings, for crying out loud. They were one of the the opening bands for the concert I chaperoned last month.

So here I sit, $21 later.

I couldn't stop downloading. It was like cocaine, had I known what cocaine was like. (Dear Mom, I don't). With a price tag of 99 cents, how do you not feel tempted to buy?

And so now I'm spent. And I need a cigarette. It was that good.

I've successfully added some Jason Mraz, a little paramore, acoustic Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and a free (!) We The Kings song to the ever-growing collection that is my musical empire.

It makes me feel dirty. I like it.