Day Four

"Throw kindness around like confetti." 

The lesson I learned today is that people are good.  

Within a mile this morning I was in tears. Not necessarily out of pain, but out of emptiness, really. I felt tired  and overwhelmed and pissed off at my feet. 

For five miles I cried. I honestly don't even know why.  Because I could? Because I was in the middle of nowhere?

We're talking sobs.    

I was a MESS.  

The mood brightened after a quick stop with the crew for some food and hugs. And in the next five miles I found a Colorado license plate on the side of road and a magnet that simply stated "Steamboat."  


But by mile 14 the burning in my feet took over any rational thinking. I was done, and my feet were blessed with more deep blisters on the bottoms.

The crew took on the rest of today's miles. A kindness.  

But the kindness started as soon as I opened my eyes this morning, as messages of encouragement and love poured in from friends and family and complete strangers.  

A girl I've known solely through Twitter took it upon herself to try and round up money to fly my boyfriend to Denver just to give the day some happiness. People were willing to pitch in just to make me smile. 

WHAT IS THIS LIFE? I'm speechless.  

The team put out a call to action to find area runners to help fill in tomorrow's miles so I can let my feet heal up for Sunday's big finish.  

The response was INCREDIBLE. 

I said earlier that if we could round up the people who were willing to help in any way they could, we could walk not just across the country, but around the world.  

It makes me so happy.  

I am loved and I always feel loved, but I've never felt more loved than I do today, and that's what day four brought me. It didn't bring me what I originally set out to do, but love is better.  

And we did find enough runners to cover for me tomorrow. I get to spend one day doing everything I can to heal these feet up enough for Sunday.

All I want out of the rest of this adventure is to run across the finish line. I haven't run a step since day two.

Based on the mileage we've got covered tomorrow, I'll be left with the final ten miles into Steamboat Springs on Sunday. I don't expect to be able to run all (or even any) of the miles, but if I can just run that final mile, I'll feel complete. 

This day has been the hardest. But thank you, day four, for showing me kindness.