Day Five

"In a moment of pure frustration today, I came to the conclusion that there is no angry way to say 'bubbles.'" 


Today was not my day. Today belonged to the group of selfless, magical strangers who came to the rescue to knock out nearly fifty miles in order to get me close enough to the finish to have a good final day. 

I'll be honest, it was harder than I thought to give away my day. The gratitude I felt for our new friends was matched only by a disappointment that my body said no.  

That gratitude though.  

Two of the six runners who logged miles for us today knew no one  from the organization. As word spread yesterday, they simply came across the message and stepped up to the plate. Logan drove three hours last night to be here so she could kick off the day.  

Friend and segment seven runner, Kaitlyn, along with her mom, knocked out a few more, while Luke and Katie threw down 20 miles before Madeleine finished off the day.  

It was amazing. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I also made new friends, which is never, ever a bad day. 

Tears flowed a few times today as I watched the day pass and began realizing tomorrow is it.     

I've just got ten miles tomorrow. Ten beautiful miles heading into Steamboat Springs.  

Please let those miles feel okay. 

Kaitlyn is joining me at the halfway point and promised she will get me running that final mile to the finish line. 

She gets it. She's been there. She had rough moments during her own segment a couple years ago. And she knows how sacred that final mile is for the runner.  

I just want my mile. And I want that finish line. And I want to cry and be done and rush home to everyone I love for every hug. 

Man, do I want hugs. 

I don't get that, unfortunately, since I'll be heading back west to Bend instead of continuing east toward actual  home, but I've felt the love from afar.

They'll all be with me tomorrow. They know it and I feel it. 

So, thank you.