Darn it all.

So I was all excited to get to the library today because I had pictures I wanted to share. Pictures! From my weekend! Fun! I even took the time to burn them onto a CD so I could haul it to the library and upload 'em to good, old WordPress.

Turns out, sure, the library gives me two hours to horse around on the Internet, but the computers do not have a CD drive. So no photos for you today.


They were fun, too. MOB and I went to an apple orchard. And ate caramel apples. Or, "ice cream cones of the fall," as he calls them. They were delicious and sticky and made me drool.

We also went forth and got ourselves a kid.

A pumpkin kid, that is. We (he) named him Patches O'Houlihan. I lovingly refer to our child as Pumpkin Patch O'Houlihan. Or "our kid."

And he only cost us 75 cents. Came in at a whopping 4 pounds.

We're horrible parents, though, as we already left the kid in the car while we were at the liquor store, and also left him home alone while we went out to get ice cream. Without him. What kind of parents leave to get ice cream without their kid? Us.

Good thing that little monitor said "not pregnant" all those weeks ago, eh? Har, har.

However, we did document our child-rearing experience via photographs, which I, very excitedly, was going to post for you here today, but alas, I cannot.