Damn, that was good.

I'm sitting here now in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, my favorite fleece robe and a towel wrapped around my damp hair, and I feel fantastic. Erin, her sister Lindsey, xT4 and I actually crawled out of our beds and into our best weather-proof gear this morning for a run through the cold, hard rain. Erin, Lindsey and I had 13 miles on the calendar for the day, and X joined us for the first half. After yesterday's outrageously beautiful day, I had high hopes for today. But when I heard rain pounding the roof at 4 a.m., those hopes sunk.

Indeed, woke up this morning to cold, foggy rain.


But we were soldiers, and went out anyway. I haven't run with X since early last year, most likely, and it was good to have a group of us together again. Thirteen miles is easier that way.

We were wet, and we were certainly cold, but we did it. And now that it's over, and I've polished off my chocolate milk, I'm damn proud to have gotten out there. I feel good.

This is why I run.