DailyMile: this about sums it up.

This is a video that a few fellow DailyMilers put together to thank founders Ben and Kelly for bringing us a place to go and be inspired and challenged and motivated. Watching this video made me realize just how much impact the site has had. I sit here, a part of the local crew, and think this is it. It's just the handful of us, who've gotten to know one another and train together and have formed friendships amongst ourselves. But it's not just us. There are groups of us all over the country I had the chance to meet Kelly a couple weekends ago (as he's the brother of madcity girl), and he's amazing. Such a fun, humble, goofy guy. It's mindblowing that he and his college roommate are the ones who started this all, and I'm so thankful for that. I think this video - thanks to Kathy, Caleb and Daniel of RunTalkRadio - sums it up. I hope Kelly and Ben have just the slightest realization of how much their work has impacted all of us.

Watch. And join.

Thank you Dailymile! from Run Talk Radio on Vimeo.