Crazylegs, indeed.

WOW that was hard. I feel as though poor weather is just following me wherever I run. First the sleet, cold and wind of my half marathon earlier this month, and then this morning - blustery. Completely windy. Brr, all around.

I ran the Crazylegs Classic 8K this morning. I was bound and determined to finish in under 40 minutes. I don't know why. It seemed manageable for almost-five-miles. And so I went out, fast. Super fast. Until I got to the hills.

Damn Observatory Drive all to hell, that's all I have to say. Those hills are INTENSE. Completely killed my pace, and almost killed me. But the remainder of the course was decent. Minus the crowds of participants. Man, this was a crowded race! For the first time, I think I actually experienced road rage during a race.

Groups of people taking up the entire two-lane path, meandering about, people stopping dead in their tracks in the middle of the path to catch a breather, kids running willy-nilly. GET OUT OF MY WAY. Don't get me wrong, everyone gets mad props for getting out their and doing this thing, but really. Move.

Or I'm a bitch.

The race ended inside Camp Randall, which was pretty sweet, what with my recent fascination with Big Ten football stadiums. As I rounded the stadium, I was completely on track to break 40 minutes. But the people would NOT GET OUT OF MY WAY. So I was weaving, dodging, sprinting, ducking, silently cursing the world because I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER, I'M TIRED, BOO.

But I got inside Camp Randall, the music was blasting, the finish line was close, and I took off like a mad woman.

And finished in 39 minutes.

BOOYAH, Crazylegs.