Crap. Here we go again.

So, in exactly five months I'm doing it again. On Oct. 22 I'm running the Chicago Marathon. I'm officially registered. Ninety dollars later, I'm blaming the organizers for making me do it.

Last week I read a notice that said registration has reached the 30,000 mark - and organizers expected it to fill up by the first week of June. Excuse me, what? We didn't register last year until August. June feels a bit premature. However, I kept reading it: Chicago Marathon reaches 30,000 mark. Only 10,000 spots left. Expected to fill in record time.

No. No-no. It can't fill up. We have plans to run it. We have to run it. It's a bonding experience. It's Chicago. I don't want to try Milwaukee's Lakefront Marathon as a back up plan. We're running Chicago. I'm putting my foot down.

So in a moment of "oh-crap-what-if-it-fills-up-and-we-can't-run-Chicago?" desperation, we registered for the marathon last night. So, uh, now, in the meantime, let's pray that in five months' time my shins behave and I don't consider that $90 registration fee a donation to the Kenyans, who will undoubtedly win the marathon. Again.

I'm still technically "taking a break" from running until mid-June, but after that I'm keeping my fingers crossed and legs moving.

Countdown to the Chicago Marathon: 5 months