Country: unplugged

Low battery! My Garmin was screaming at me before I got out the door.


I was about to set out on my maiden run through the country, and of course my Garmin would die before I even made it three steps.


I had been hoping to map a good six- or seven-mile route on this virgin territory, but clearly that wasn't going to happen accurately without my trusty technology with which I cannot live without.

I had to go unplugged. Of course I still had my iPod, though, because if you think I'll make it to the end of the driveway without Justin Timberlake, you are sorely mistaken.

But I was about to hit uncharted roads without any indication of my pace or mileage, oh my god, life is hard.

Turns out it wasn't nearly so bad. It was a beautiful night, thanks to Daylight Savings Time and a sudden surge into spring. The country roads were quiet - no traffic, melting snow, setting sun. I would've just stopped to make out with the moment, but I was BUSY. Running.

And damn it felt good.

No treadmill, no ankle-deep snow. Just a good pace and fresh air. And country.

I'm generally kind of a wimp about the country, which comes entirely from watching too many horror movies with bloody endings, but it was so much better than avoiding traffic and stopping for red lights. And it was definitely a plus that I was neither abducted nor eaten by cougars.

In the end I made it six miles before dark (thanks to the odometer on my car), and it was a refreshing six miles.

Good thing. Because my first half marathon is approximately one month from... Wednesday. Weird. Funny how that stuff just sneaks up on you.

I think I'll be getting used to the country in the meantime.