Counting down

Lakefront Marathon is in 24 days. 

Not that I'm counting. 

This one crept up on me. Not so much the actual race, but my feelings about it. My last marathon was Boston. The time before that was qualifying for Boston. And before that I ran a 17-minute personal best that began the entire adventure. 

It's been such a fulfilling adventure, and I desperately don't want it to end just yet. 

...because Iā€™m still coming back for you, Boston.

As more and more time passes since the Boston Marathon, I feel more and more motivated to go back in 2017. I want another shot so badly. Each training cycle is different -- for better, for worse -- but each training cycle teaches me something. This time around, I don't know if I necessarily feel faster, but I feel much stronger. I've been taking care of my body in ways I've never done before, and it's making an incredible difference. I know what I'm capable of, but I also know all the ways it can be derailed. 

So can we please just not with the derailment? 

The more time that passes since Boston, and the closer Lakefront gets, the heavier the burden I place on myself. This isn't the last shot I'll have at qualifying for the 2017 Boston Marathon, but if I do it this time, I get to coast through the next year without a single care about race pace or time goals. I want that. Boy, do I want that.

But let's not confuse this with forced pressure or stress.

I love running right now. I feel so energized and powerful. Having this goal brings running to life for me. Every time I set out, I know what I'm working toward. Sure, sometimes I plain don't want to run, but I've never been happier to have the capabilities I've been lucky to find.

However, I'm ready for a new goal. Not a better goal, but a different goal. Once this goal is achieved, I'm excited to move on to a new chapter of miles upon miles for a worthy cause. Long runs with good friends. Easy miles to help blow away beautiful Saturday mornings--just the way I like it.

I am so very, incredibly ready for that. But not a moment too soon, because I'm still coming back for you, Boston.

2015 Boston Marathon

2015 Boston Marathon