Couch potato.

I'm not much of a television person. I have my shows, the usual. Grey's Anatomy, 24. Now LOST, apparently. But other than that I generally have no idea what's going on. Last night, however, I was absolutely glued to the television.

When I turned the TV on after work, the Food Network was on, and I didn't change the channel for a good three-plus hours. I just sat and got hungry and wished I had gone for a run. Instead, I cooked a pizza and watched Rachael Ray make 30-minute meals while my waistline expanded.

I don't even like Rachael Ray.

But the Food Network is like cocaine, were I a coke head, of course. I can't stop watching it. I swear to God, after three hours of food shows I was full. Like, I had somehow telepathically eaten everything I saw on television.

I finally tired of cake-baking, and flipped to E! Apparently Denise Richards has a show now? Seriously. So of course I watched that for a good hour-and-a-half. That woman swears a lot. And she's kind of a bitch. But you could not make me turn it off.

Tonight I'm keeping the television off. Of course I say that now. But at the end of the day I'll get home, it'll be too hot to run so I'll pout, turn on the TV, and wish Bobby Flay would come to my kitchen and cook me some dinner.