Complete 180 from last weekend.

Spent the weekend with one of my closest and best friends, Mandy. Holy crap, it was a blast. I don't remember the last time the two of us went out, just us girls, got silly drunk and simply enjoyed ourselves. After all the drama and tears and bellyaches last weekend, this was exactly what I needed.

Love that girl. For real.

Did make me miss having her around, though. I love this city, love the people I've come to know, but none of them are a Mandy. None of them know me as well, or probably ever will.

Boo, hiss.

It's a very strange feeling to have complete, total independence. Well, as independent as a person can be who is struggling to find a job and having to live in a friend's attic while she does so.

No job, no best friend down the road, no man to answer to (intriguing story, really)... just me. I kind of love it. Well, minus the no job/no best friend thing. It's a real life pivot point. It'll either all come crashing down and I'll end up living in a homeless shelter, living on food rations, or it'll all fall into place and I'll finally be where I was meant to be in life.

I'm totally an optimist, so don't you fret. I'll be living the high life before you know it. Beautiful men in togas will be feeding me grapes in NO time.

Or I'll at least have my own apartment. Baby steps, people.